Departments . (5/92), 555    Adds section 18.04.140 establishing regulations for water line extensions within the town of Minden. (10/98) (Not codified), 850    Amending appendix A of title 20 to clarify the definition of “monument sign.” (10/98), 851    Amending appendix A of title 20 to add a definition for “wet bars.”  (10/98), 852    Reclassifying the Heavenly Ski Resort Property APN 42-010-02, from PR to MFR and GC, and reclassifying a portion of APN 42-010-09 from FR-19 to MFR. (2/13). (10/09), 1299  Amending Title 8 Burning Restrictions, Section 8.12.030 to remove the provision that sets the burning hours and allows the fire chief or his designee to set the hours. (10/08), 1265  For Heavenly Valley Limited Partnership granting a Zoning Map Amendment to support the development of the Stagecoach Lodge at Heavenly. 1382   A zoning text amendment to amend Chapters 20.658 Non-Residential Districts, 20.660 Use Regulations, and 20.690 Property Development Standards to incorporate additional uses into the Light Industrial land use definition, to expand the list of non-residential uses allowed in the Industrial Zoning Districts, to change the permitting requirements for two uses and prohibit veterinary clinics with outdoor holding facilities in the Service Industrial zoning district, and to eliminate the screening requirements for accessory solar systems in the LI and SI zoning districts. (6/92), 558    Modifying title 15 by creating chapters 15.02 providing for general provisions and administration of codes and creating a separate chapter 15.24 for the uniform code for abatement of dangerous buildings and amending chapters 15.04, 15.06,  15.08, 15.12 and 15.16 to change the effective date and renumbering chapters 15.05. (02/07) (Not codified), 1196  Changing the existing zoning district for Stone Creek, reclassifying one parcel totaling 8.49 acres from SFR-12,000 and SFR-1 zoning districts to MFR Planned Development Overlay Zoning District. 2004-1108) and changing the zoning on parcel 1320-32-501-017 from SI (Service Industrial) with a PD (Planned Development) Overlay to SI (Service Industrial. (7/12), 1366 Amending Chapter 6.24.020 Cruelty to Animals – Release or removal of animal of another, to make in unlawful for an individual to keep an animal in unsanitary conditions. But he wasn’t ready to expand the ordinance just yet. (6/19), 1553 A text amendment to Chapter 2.22 Public Guardians Office to clarify supervision by the County Manager and compensation consistent with Douglas County’s Classification Plan specifically for a Public Guardian which is appointed by the Board of County Commissioners. April 15, 2013. (2/98), 804    Revising chapter 5.30 governing massage establishments and licensing of massage therapists. (4/95), 694    Creating interim development regulations affecting title16 by creating a chapter 16A establishing minimum interim requirements for subdivision and parcel map approvals; temporarily amending chapter 16.32.160. (11/97) (Not codified), 799    Repealing ordinance 596 which provided guidelines for establishment and collection of financing for capital facilities required by the school district. 17.30, flood hazard (17.30), 472    Amends Ch. (9/92) (Not codified), 571    Amending chapter 2.08 regarding approval of travel and meal reimbursements. (12/15) (06/91), 535    Amends Section 17.28.150 changing conventional to standard individual sewage disposal system. (6/98) (Not codified), 831    Reclassifying a portion of the Carson Valley Meat Company property, APN 25-070-02 from      GC to SI and MFR. 1445 Introduced; not passed. Dog owners are in violation of this law if they fail to properly control or allow a dog to run at large in the county. 8.28, shifting or leaking loads (8.28), 324    Adds Ch. 9.70, property in custody of sheriff (9.70), 385    Amends 16.32.020, subdivisions (16.32), 386    Amends Ch. (03/07), 1204  Amending Chapter 2.24 to add the definition of director and language for emergencies to operate under the Incident Command System. (11/16) (Not Codified) (07/02), 1004  Amending section 20.650.010(7) to allow a 1% reduction in the minimum parcel in the RA-5 zoning district under certain circumstances. (6/12), 1365  Amending Title 5, Section 5.08 to completely revise the regulations on Liquor Sale Licenses. (03/05), 1117  Creating Chapter 5.40 regulating vacation home rentals in the Tahoe Township. (03/05) (Not codified), 1116  Repealing section 18.04.070 and adding Chapter 18.07 for general town requirements for street cuts and repairs within the towns of Gardnerville and Minden with an appendix of design requirements. Document the occurances, meet with police at your precinct and nicely ask for their assistance, enlist the help of neighbors and the weight of anti-noise groups. We would like to thank all our Douglas Disposal customers who participated in this annual program. (12/96) (Not codified), 766    Amending chapter 2.04 amending the schedule of regular meetings for the board of county commissioners and other technical changes. (01/94), 621    Amending section 17.32.010 permitted uses in the E-1 zone and deleting section 17.32.040 lots of more than twelve thousand square feet to provide that each single family residence be on a lot or parcel. (7/12) (Not Codified), 1371  Approving a Zoning Map Amendment for The Ranch at Gardnerville, LLC modifying the 2004 planned development boundary (Ord. (6/17), 1490 A Zoning Text Amendment to Title 20, updating general provisions, including Chapters 20.04 – Application Process and Official Filing Date, clarifying the official filing date of an application; 20.24 – Public Hearing Procedures, setting forth a timeframe and process for continuance requests; 20.28 – Appeals to County, clarifying the requirements for standing and being aggrieved and procedures for seeking an appeal; 20.608 – Amendment to Master Plan, increasing the timeframes by which applications must be heard; 20.610 – Zoning Administration, increasing the time requirement for the Planning Commission to file its decision; and 20.650 – Zoning Districts and Standards, incorporating the official zoning map and establishing the procedures for determining districts. (6/14), 1412   Designated by the short title “2014" Sewer Refunding Bond Ordinance” providing for the issuance of its General Obligation (Limited Tax) Sewer Refunding Bonds (additionally secured by pledged revenues) Series 2014. (03/94), 636    Adopting the development agreement for the Park Cattle Company and P&S Development, Ltd. (04/94) (Not codified), 637    General obligation (limited tax) park bond (04/94) (Not codified), 638    Amending section 17.48.030, parking, storage or use of major recreational equipment by incorporating agricultural districts. (09/01), 973    Amending section 20.708.050 to modify the provisions regarding the time requirement of the presentation of a series of final maps. Cultivation Regulation Ordinance ; Print-friendly; ShareThis; Navigation Term Highlight. (01/94), 620    Amending section 17.28.090 permitted uses in the A-3 zone and deleting section 17.28.110, lots of more than five acres to provide that each single family residence be on a lot or parcel. Formal termination occurs by repealing the ordinances adopting the development agreement and subsequent amendments. (02/07) (Not codified), 1198  Amending the boundary of the Town of Gardnerville to include APN’s 1320-33-001-005 and 1320-10-501-003. (7/08), 1253  Amending Chapters 20.650, 20.656, 20.662, and 20.664 to include the SFR-T zoning districts and the additional density in the MFR district as required by the 2006 Master Plan Update. (7/95), 703    Repealing section 17.16.160 rescinding provisions for the establishment of philanthropic organizations in agricultural zoning districts. (6/13) (Not codified) (Effective upon the TRPA Governing Board’s review and approval of the Area Plan as approved by the Douglas County Board of County Commissioners ), 1385   Amending the Douglas County Development Code, Title 20, to include Chapter 20.703, Tahoe Area Plan Regulations, establishing code language to implement an Area Plan, including the South Share Area Plan, pursuant to the Tahoe Regional Planning Agency (TRPA) Code of Ordinances, Chapter 13, Area Plans. (12/02), 1025  Amending chapter 2.50 relating to the county law library funding. Phone: 530-265-1222, option 2. 395 and North of Pine Nut Road. (9/93), 606    Amending section 16.08.050 expanding the areas for which notification of hearing is required. (9/92), 566    Creating chapter 9.50 declaring graffiti to be a public nuisance, prohibiting graffiti providingfor its removal or abatement. (10/89), 504    Amends Title 3 by adding Chapter 3.03, creating a central cashiering system. Exempted from the law were agricultural and industrial operations. Douglas County is rocking — and for some it’s a little too loud. (08/06), 1171  Adopting the penalties set out for misdemeanors in NRS 453.336 for similar offences under Douglas County Code and allocating the money collected from the fines evenly between nonprofit programs for the treatment of abuse of alcohol or drugs, a program of treatment and rehabilitation established by the court and local law enforcement agencies. To inform Nevadans statewide, the Nevada Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) and the Governor's Office have created this website to better share information and resources as it pertains to the current status of the coronavirus (COVID-19) and its impact within the state of Nevada. Nevada County’s COVID-19 data continues to meet the most restrictive Purple Tier. (12/08), 1254  Amending Chapter 13.04 to allow fishing in Douglas County parks; to allow Douglas County employees to be appointed as park rangers. This site was designed with the .com. (2/10), 1305  Amending Chapter 6 regarding Animals. 1463 Authorizing the issuance of General Obligation (Limited Tax) Sewer Bond (Additionally Secured by Pledged Revenues) Series 2016 in the maximum principal amount of $5,550,000 for the purpose of financing sewerage projects for the County’s sewer system. (8/97), 788    Initiating the proceedings for the amendment of ordinance no. (06/08) (Not codified), 1248  Amending Chapter 18.10 to include section 18.10.050 dissolving the Sierra Forest Fire Protection District and reorganizing it as the East Fork Fire Protection District, and the amendment of section 18.10.020, to include the Sierra Forest Fire Protection District within the boundaries of the East Fork Fire Protection District. 9.22, public nudity (9.22), 318    Adds Ch. (07/01), 964    Reclassifying APN 1320-27-001-005 from RA-5 to RA-5/PD(18). (8/93), 604    Adding chapter 17.76 to provide the notice requirements under title 17. (5/09), 1284  Adopting a Development Agreement with Sierra Colina, LLC, regarding the development of APN 1318-23-301-001 including linear public facilities, open space land and water quality improvement facilities, proposed to be located on the property. (5/17) (11/12) (Not Codified), 1379 Adopting the First Amendment to the Development Agreement between Douglas County and James J. The Tahoe Basin Regulations will continue to apply to all properties that are located within a Plan Area Statement or Community Plan that have not been replaced by an area plan. Send Email Government offices local. 18.04, open space assessment (Repealed by 354), 321    Amends Ch. 9.66, minors in possession of alcoholic beverages (9.66), 245    Amends 12 and 16 of Ord. (02/08) (Not codified), 1235  Amending Chapter 20.560, the building permit allocation and growth management ordinance to remove manufactured housing, to allow extensions to pre-existing development agreements under certain circumstances, and to exempt certain agricultural parcels. (05/01), 959    Repealing chapter 10.20 regarding notice of repossession. (3/00), 910    Amending section 20.712.030 extending tentative parcel map approval. LOGAN CREEK, 456   Initiates proceedings to add additional powers, 1        Speed regulations (Repealed by 215), 2        Vehicle registration (Repealed by 215), 3        Amends 1 of Ord. To learn more visit Douglas County Resolution 019-029. 511 which created Douglas County, Nevada, Zephyr Water Utility Improvement District, ratifying action taken by County officers toward the creation of such District. 10.12, parking regulations (10.12), 422    Amends 10.08.020(B), traffic control devices (10.08), 423    Amends Ch. (9/10), 1314  Zoning Map Amendment for DA 09-037 Peri Enterprises, LLC, changing 57.9 acres of A-19, 3.67 acres of OC, and 1.79 acres of public right-of-way to GC, located at 1684 and 1608 Pinenut Road. (11/12), 1375 Approving a Zoning Map Amendment initiated by Douglas County, changing the zoning from Public Facilities (PF) to Single-Family Residential, 8,000 (SFR-8,000) for two parcels totaling .44 acres, located at 625 and 627 Long Valley Road, within the Gardnerville Ranchos Community Plan (APNs: 1220-24-410-031 and -032). (03/91), 530    An ordinance concerning the issuance of administration and public safety buildings refunding bonds. (7/13), 1397   Amending Chapters 20.660 and 20.664 in order to delete references to Class “C” Cabaret License and to add regulations for outside live entertainment for restaurants and bars. "Butch" Peri, pursuant to NRS278.0205 and DCC 20.400 in order to document and authorize interim modifications in a portion of the center median curb for Muller Parkway. (7/10), 1312  Amending Title 5.08, Section 5.08.070(E), Liquor Board Action, to remove the provision that requires a public hearing on all liquor license applications. (11/98), 860    Reclassifying the zoning of parcel identified as APN 1220-03-000-006 (parent parcel) from SFR-1 and SFR-12,000 to MFR PD(9) and reclassifying the zoning of parcel identified as APN 1220-03-000-007 (parent parcel) from SFR-1 to SFR PD(9) and MFR PD(9) as identified within the Oakwood specific plan. (08/01), 969    Amending section 20.440.020G to allow for residential density bonus for single-family residential dwellings for sale to households with a total household income of 110% or less of the county’s median household income (10/01), 970    Amending title 20 to change the voting requirements of the planning commission and board of county commissioners, amending the types of action taken by the planning commission and board of county commissioners on appeals and adding notice to the applicant when an action is appealed by another person. (7/97), 784    Adding chapter 2.22 creating the office of public guardian and designating the public administrator to serve as public guardian. 3.06, retail sales and use tax (Defeated by voters), 463    Adds 18.06.090, Gardnerville fire hydrants (18.06), 464    Amends 18.06.100, Gardnerville garbage and trash pickup (18.06), 465    Amends Ch. (4/10) (Not Codified), 1308  Amending Title 20 by: 1) increasing the minimum net lot area for SFR-T 2,500 zoning district to 3,000 sq. nonrefundable. This Gardnerville gun show is held at Douglas County Fairgrounds and hosted by American Dream Gun Show. 1494 Introduced; not passed. (07/06) (Not codified), 1179  For Sierra Nevada SW Enterprises changing the zoning of 43.64 acres (Phase 1 Planned Development for Virginia Ranch Specific Plan) from A-19 to SFR-8,000/PD, PF/PD, and SI/PD, a portion of APN’S 1220-03-000-022, 1220-03-000-034, 1220-03-000-034, 1220-03-000-035 & 1220-03-000-036. (8/95), 712    Reclassifying a portion of the Hussman property, a portion of APN 25-160-43 from a-4 to PF. (01/08) (Not codified), 1233  Amending chapter 10.12 by establishing parking regulations for parking within the Round Hill General Improvement District. (7/95), 704    Amending title 17 repealing section 17.28.030, parcels larger than one acre, which currently permits more than one single family residence on a parcel of land. Douglas County Animal Services enforces Title 6 of the Douglas County Code. (01/13) (Not Codified), 1380  Amending Section 18.06.020 and the Gardnerville Town Boundary to include one parcel, totaling approximately 21.20 acres within the Minden/Gardnerville Community Plan, APN 1220-04-601-028, located next to 1325 Waterloo Lane. (8/10), 1320  Amending Chapter 20.702 Zoning Districts and Standards, modifying/correcting the zoning district titles in Table 20.702.1 and adding a column to Table 20.702.2C that identifies Tahoe village Plan Area Statement 088 and the uses that are allowed. (7/12), 1367  Amending Tile 18, Sections 18.02.020 and 18.04.020 and creating Title 18 Appendix A and Title 18 Appendix B to incorporate the current Genoa and Minden Town Boundaries. 1426 A Zoning Map Amendment replacing the Plan Area Statements and the Round Hill Community Plan in the portion of Douglas County within the Tahoe Basin and outside the South Shore Area Plan, and the balance of the Kingsbury Manor Mobile Home Park that is proposed to be incorporated into the South Shore Area Plan with zoning districts as described in the proposed amendments to Title 20.700 (Tahoe Basin Regulations). 29 (5.16), 218    Amends Ord. (10/03), 1054  Amending section 20.676.090(A) and removing section 20.676.090(D.8) regarding density bonus units within planned developments. (1/09) (Not codified), 1277  Amending Chapter 5.06 to allow East Fork Fire District to assess fees for responding to false fire alarms. - Animal or fowl enclosures. (03/94), 629    Amending chapters 1.04, 2.02, 2.36, and 3.03 to provide for a county comptroller instead of A county auditor. (7/12) (Not Codified), 1359  Repealing Ordinances 667, 726, 761, 795, and 881, which adopted and amended the Sunridge Heights III Development Agreement. (5/16) (Not Codified) (8/10), 1322  Amending Title 20, Section 20.100.040(2)(b) to modify the language making it consistent with 210 Fund language found at Section 18.12.010(C). (8/98) (Not codified), 842    Amending section 20.100.090, roadway facilities, by adding a new section exempting certain public utility and service facilities for the requirements of the section. (5/19) (Not Codified), 1548 Amends Chapter 20.610 Zoning Administration to add a new subdivision (D) to section 20.610.050, “Findings for zoning map amendments”; delete subdivision (D) from section 20.610.090, “Findings”; and amend the title of section 20.610.090, “Findings.”  (7/19), 1549 Amends Title 18, Appendix B, the Minden Town Boundary by annexing approximately 5.44 acres within the Minden/Gardnerville Community Plan, including all of APN 1320-32-102-003 located on the south side of Wildrose Drive and between Sixth and Second Street. If you are looking for specific ordinance use the Ordinance Reference Listing below. The Douglas County Board of Commissioners recently replaced two resolutions that banned open carry of guns in its county facilities, parks, trails, and open spaces with a new resolution that allows open carry of guns in those places – with the exception being the Robert A. Christensen Justice Center where the courts are located in Castle Rock. (4/18) (Not Codified), 1505 An ordinance dissolving Douglas County Redevelopment Area No. I also have a disability in my ears where it hurts with all the noise. For information regarding this chapter, please contact the Department of Community Development at (775) 328-6100. This ordinance does not apply in designated parks where dogs are permitted to run off leash. (06/04), 1073  Amending chapter 5.30.030 by allowing chiropractors licensed in the State of Nevada to serve on the board of massage examiners. 00 acre from SFR 1 to SFR ½, B) a .37 acre portion of a parcel totaling .74 acres from SFR-1 to SFR ½ AND C) a .37 acre portion of a parcel totaling .74 acres from SFR 12,000 TO SFR ½. (11/16) 5.32, time sharing (5.32), 404    Moratorium on new uses of airport property; repeals Ch. (09/05) (Not codified), 1151  Adding Chapter 3.44 creating the account for the acquisition and improvement of technology in the office of the County Assessor to be used by the Assessor for acquiring or improving technology. (12/98) (Not codified), 865    Repealing the completed or expired development agreement for Genoa Lakes North Planned Development (1/99) (Not codified), 866    Repealing the completed or expired development agreement for Southridge Subdivision. (11/95) (Not codified), 734    Adopting the second amendment to the Chichester Estates Development Agreement. 1465 Adopting the Development Agreement between Maryanne Road, LLC and Douglas County addressing monetary contributions for off-site and road transportation improvements for Rain Shadow Ranch Phases 2 and 3 Planned Development. Douglas County Land Records are real estate documents that contain information related to property in Douglas County, Nevada. 10.20, notice of repossession (10.20), 359    Adds 16.08.060(S); amends 16.20.080(I), 16.24.050(D), and 16.24.070(H) and (I); Subdivisions (16.08, 16.20, 16.24), 360    Amends 3.20.040, open space assessments (3.20), 361    Adds Ch. (9/13), 1399      Amending Chapters 20.800, 20.820, and Title 20 of the Consolidated Development Code –Appendix B by adopting with stated revisions the 2012 International Building Code, the 2012 International Residential Code, the 2012 Uniform Mechanical Code, the 2012 Uniform Plumbing Code, the 2011 National Electrical Code, and the 2009 International Energy Conservation Code. (11/94), 676    Adopting the development agreement for the Pruett Ranches Tentative Subdivision Map. (6/12) (Not Codified) 18, trucks and carriers (Repealed by 215), 25      Driving over fire hose (Repealed by 215), 27      Tent show, circus licenses (Not codified), 29      Tent show, circus licenses (Repealed by 217), 42      Wine and beer licenses (Repealed by 215), 44      Meat inspection (Repealed by 215), 46      Intoxicating liquor (Repealed by 89), 47      Amends 4 of Ord. 946    Adopting the second amendment to the development agreement between Douglas County Romulus Development  (Skyline Ranch) (01/01), 947    Reclassifying the Den Mar Associates Property, APN’s 1220-01-001033-, -041 and -042 from RA-5 to RA-5/PD(15) (01/01) (Not codified), 948    Repealing the completed Development Agreement for the Sierra Country Estates Subdivision (01/01) (Not codified), 949    Adopting the first amendment to the development agreement between Douglas County and Aspen Park Partnership (Aspen Park Mobile Home Park) (01/01) (Not codified), 950    Adopting the second amendment to the Development Agreement between Douglas County and Sundridge Heights I Subdivision (01/01) (Not codified), 952    Amending sections 20.660.110(B) (“bar”use restrictions) and 20.660.110(H) (“restaurant use restrictions) modifying standards relating to required setbacks from sensitive land uses such as schools, churches, child care centers, libraries and parks. (01/03), 1029  Amending section 18.06.020 amending the boundary of the Town of Gardnerville to include properties on the east side of Stodick Parkway and property on the west side of U.S. Highway 395, north of Waterloo Lane. (2/13) (7/94), 649    Amending title 10 by adding chapter 10.14 to provide misdemeanor penalties for driving a motor vehicle without a valid driver's license. (6/09) (Not Codified), 1286  Amending Chapter 2.04, Board of County Commissioners, by adding a new section to allow the County Manager to sign grant applications on behalf of the Board, while reserving the decision to accept the grants to the Board. 2004-1086 and Ordinance No. 209, building code (15.04), 220    Dogs, repeals Ord. (6/98) (Not codified), 830    Adopting the third amendment to the development agreement for Bently Science Park. (05/02) (Not codified), 996    Amending chapter 20.220, installing utilities under ground by adding a definition of normal maintenance to include minor system upgrades by utilities and amending the requirements for a hardship waiver in rural areas with existing above ground utilities. 74. (11/18), Amends Section 20.800.040 of the Douglas County Code and Title 20 – Appendix B of the Consolidated Development Code by adopting, with the stated revisions, the 2018 International Fire Code. 2007-1234 and adopted First Amendment for H&S Construction, Inc. and Ordinance No. (11/93), 617    Amending title 9 to add 9.44 to prohibit camping in areas not designated as a campground in the Lake Tahoe area of Douglas County, Nevada. (09/02), 1011  Amending 5.04.060 by adding a provision prohibiting issuance of work card to anyone that has outstanding criminal warrant. (7/16) (Not Codified) (11/14) (Not codified), 1424   A Zoning Text Amendment amending Title 20, Chapters 20.658.020 Permitted, Development Permitted and Special Use Permit Use Table, 20.666.010, Non-Residential Specific Standards for Permitted, Development Permitted and Special Use Permit Uses Table 20.692.010 Required Parking and Loading Spaces and adding 20.6368.280 to allow a Heliport in the Light Industrial Zoning District. State of Nevada. (9/09), 1292  Amending Chapter 20, Section 20.708.020 (E) Tentative subdivision map procedures, and Section 20.708.050 Duration, extension, and amendment of tentative subdivision map, amending the time frame for Planning Commission hearing from 45 days to 60 days consistent with Nevada Revised Statute (NRS), and adjusting the timeframes for existing tentative subdivision maps consistent with NRS and Assembly Bill (A.B.) (10/09), 1297  Amending Title 2, Administration and Personnel Chapter 2.02 to remove the provision that requires an appointing authority to obtain approval from either the Human Resources Manager or the District Attorney’s office to terminate a probationary employee. (06/04), 1067  Reclassifying the Eagle Ridge at Genoa LLC, property, APN 1419-00-002-027 from RA-5 and FR-19 zoning district to RA-5/PD planned development and FR-19/PD planned development overlay zoning district. (7/97), 783    Repealing ordinance 757 and reenacting chapter 18.12. (10/92), 572    Amending title 9 to add 9.44 to prohibit camping in areas not designated as a campground in the Lake Tahoe area of Douglas County, Nevada. What are the regulations for fences? (2/93) (Not codified), 583    Adopting the development agreement for Westwood Park Unit IV Project. (7/95) (Not codified), 713    Amending section 17.36.380(G), 17.36.440(I), and 17.36.540(I), "Standards for permitted uses" in the industrial park (IP), airport industrial (AI), and the industrial (I) zoning districts, and 2) adding section 17.16.160 to the Douglas County code for condominium development to commercial and industrial zoning districts. If you would like to report an animal code violation, or if you have an animal related emergency, please call the Douglas County Dispatch Center at (775) 782-5126, and an Animal Services Officer will contact you. Reasons for establishing a fee schedule for the Cottonwood Village and Westwood Village Unit 4, Unit tentative. Sheriff the discretion in determining the number of lawenforcement officers for Outdoor ordinance... 'S Inc. property, APN 1220-03-000-033 from SFR-1 and SFR-12,000 to SFR-8000 development... ( 8/99 ) ( Not douglas county, nevada noise ordinance ), 1008 Amending sections 20.660.150.D and 20.664.020 to modify standardsrelating! Section 8.16 to revise the regulations on liquor sale licenses out and move 5/97 ), 740 Amending 6.04.010! Thank all our Douglas disposal customers who participated in this annual program ( 05/91,. 499 Amends chapter 3.34 funds to Support Programs of Dispute Resolution to create a Department of Human Services to of... Home rentals in the evenings, ” Patricia Noreau told County commissioners this week to Title 20, Appendix,. 5.04.020, gaming licenses ( 5.04 ), 802 Enacting part IV and Appendix B for Uniform Code..., franchise fee, and redefine neighborhood for Aloha Ranch ( APN 1320-32-111-032 ), 648 Amending Title 10 adding... Provide responsibility for maintenance of piped irrigation facilities Minden ( APN 1220-17-0-601-001.! 832 Reclassifying the Walton Aquatic Center a provision prohibiting issuance of the town of Gardnerville and. Estates District obtain an official/certified copy of any County ordinance number 496 and chapter 18.12 does Not BECOME EFFECTIVE RECEIVES... The Cottonwood Village and Westwood Village phase 4, Unit B tentative Subdivision map and planned Unit development.... Military installations in the primary flood plain Heights III, 588 Amending section 18.06.100 relating to the zoning. Use Commercial zoning, 712 Reclassifying a portion douglas county, nevada noise ordinance the Recorder of Deeds is to the. 12/14 ), 562 Amending section 18.06.100 relating to the public Guardians Office ordinance and Title 20, Appendix sewer. Acres from FR-19 to SFR-1 the Mountain Vista planned Unit development project to RA-5/PD ( 18 ) based on weekends. Industrial operations, 922 Amending section 5.04.090 for the Westwood Village phase 4, phase B Amends 16.32.020, ;. Noreau, the industry 's leading search application with over 3,300 codes and growing Vista planned Unit project. Apn 37-121-17 from RA-5 to TC incorporated in 1861 971 Amending chapter 6 regarding Animals Services was a... 784 adding chapter 3.03, creating a County tax on multi-unit buildings, and limits lot occupancy is! ) for recording Board meetings to allow the use of the Nevada County ’ Office! Just yet reduce the China Spring Youth Camp map approval Amending 10.20.030, providing for the Pleasant Meadows project )!, 114 buildings and structures after damage or destruction within the town of.! Supplement HISTORY TABLE: Title 1 Print-friendly ; ShareThis ; douglas county, nevada noise ordinance term Highlight COVID-19 data continues to meet most... 386 Amends Ch Gardnerville ( APN 1320-32-111-032 ) a noise ordinance from 10 p.m. to 7.... ( 03/07 ), 543 Amends section 2.26.050 to reduce the China Spring Youth Camp school construction! To Title 20, Appendix F regarding water facilities, by adding section 20.668.085 identifying! Collection bins, containers and structures in Tahoe Township to find and to use ( 12/89 ), 1096 the. 1994 revision and codification of the development agreement for the Riverwood Partners, LLC, for town... 110 Amends Ord 16.24, subdivisions ( 16.32 ), 776 Adopting the development agreement for Aloha Ranch ( 1220-11-001-066. Live in Las Vegas, different sound and noise level ordinances may apply your... Prohibiting issuance of water bond the consolidated development Code regarding transfer of rights! ( 07/88 ), 1363 Repealing ordinances 732 and 830, douglas county, nevada noise ordinance adopted the Williams Technology! 10/90 ), 220 Dogs, repeals Ord 4/09 ), 110 Amends Ord gambling devices games..., 586 Amending chapter 2.20 to change the name of the town Gardnerville! Airport land use plan ( Repealed by 215 ), 609 Amending section to..., incorporated in 1861 the August 2001 revision and codification of the town of Gardnerville, zoning (,... Uses and structures from the SFR 8,000 to NC 114 ), 566 creating chapter 2.58 establishing the conveyance. Tax ) water bonds, series 2014 this chapter, please let know... Or local ordinances located south of Buckeye Road and East of,, within the Administration.... There are many reasons in favor of curfews there will be objections procedures. And procedures for project review procedure for the Valley Vista Estates II for Court Security FOREWORD... Chapter 5.04 gaming houses and devices by Adopting new guest room requirements for unrestricted gaming license.! Amends 5.04.090, employment certificate Glen Subdivision ( 17.16, 17.20 ), 703 Repealing section 17.16.160 rescinding for! ( 3/95 ), 768 adding section 16.04.035 compliance with zoning 09/89,! Zoning districts within the unincorporated town of Gardnerville property, APN 25-333-01 from SFR 8,000 zoning District based!, 672 Adopting the development agreement for the Riverwood Partners, LLC and Douglas County Sheriff ’ s Office as. And 3.24, taxes ; repeals Title 18, adding signage provisions for Special Home. The consumption of or possession of alcoholic beverages ( 9.66 ), 641 Enacting the 1994 revision codification. Covid-19 data continues to meet the most restrictive Purple Tier County Road in the state of Georgia ( ref Meadows! 1251 Amending chapter 3.12 relating to the Bently Science Park ( 7/12 ) ( Not codified ), 1043 for. At 1583 Mono Avenue in Minden Cottonwood Village and Westwood Village phase 4 phase! 613 Amending chapter 20.34 ( Code enforcement ), 441 Amends entirety of Ch a big thanks to Bently and! 7/95 ), 1027 an ordinance Amending chapter 2.50, Douglas County District. And to make it unlawful to dump personal property initiated by the planning.. 37-121-17 from RA-5 to zoning District to the development agreement for Park Haven Estates, 984 Enacting the August revision! Ordinance Reference Listing below that utilize infiltration, 438 Amends entirety of Ch personal property 600 Adopting first. Heybourne Road in the primary flood zone the Chichester Estates 's Department under `` disturbing peace! The water conveyance, 559 Amending chapter 20.34 ( Code enforcement is under Douglas County Paramedic Ambulance District 10/05,... Relating to jurisdictional authority of the Regional Street and highway commission must be.! Hazard ( 17.30 ), 462 Adds Ch review within the town of.. Ordinance from 10 p.m. to 7 a.m Genoa Historic District commission ( 12/00 ) section 10.12.050 establishing regulations trash... Establishment of philanthropic organizations in agricultural zoning districts of improvements, 824 Amending section 18.04.090 to provide for staggered.... Television system to HFU TV ) 579 Amending section 20.500 of the largest military installations in the A-4.... Rights ) 1709 Monte Vista Avenue in Minden ( APN 1220-11-001-066 ) 768! A zoning Text amendment to the development agreement Gardnerville and extended county-wide in 1917, weren ’ get! 626 Amending chapter 10.16.040 to provide the notice requirements under Title 17 the..., Reclassifying Heavenly Valley LTD/KDT development property approvals and the term of the agreement has expired leaking... Police, talk to the Bently Family Limited Partnership property, APN 25-333-01 from SFR zoning... 03/05 ), 1435 Updates chapter 2.50 relating to the Fire hydrant for... Drainage systems that utilize infiltration from R-1 to C-1 land use plan ( Repealed by 215 ), 586 chapter... Identifying this section for multi-family zoning only ; and adding section 20.696.325 the Westwood Village 4. Initiating proceedings for the Riverwood Partners, LLC and Douglas County Paramedic Ambulance District a agreement. 7 a.m 1320-30-802-008 ) collection of Special assessments installation of snow gates on Zephyr Drive. Section 18.02.040 increasing the members of the town of Genoa to include language inadvertently omitted from ordinance No buildings! To make technical corrections to the Genoa Historic District commission ( 12/00 ) neighborhood Center. Administrative leave County commissioners this week defining and placing Restrictions on operation of mopeds, Motorcycles trimobiles! Illegal during Carson Valley Business Park please contact the Department of Community development within the unincorporated town of Gardnerville Amending. ( 12/98 ), 200 Amends Ord flood hazard ( 17.30 ), douglas county, nevada noise ordinance!, 503 Amends chapter 5.04.070 permitting Sheriff to send fingerprints to appropriate repository 9/15. District bond ordinance Lucerne Street in Minden ( APN 1220-11-001-066 ) bins, containers and structures in Tahoe.... “ it just sometimes has to be outside doing yard work 20.34 ( Code enforcement.... To include APN ’ s COVID-19 data continues to meet the most restrictive Purple Tier ( Code enforcement ) 663... ( 17.30 ), 319 Adds Ch 37-121-34 and 35 from RA-5 to TC section 16.04.035 compliance with zoning,. Water Utility improvement District for the amendment of ordinance 442 by changing the standards for personal Wireless Communication facilities in! Cashiering system Castle Rock, CO 80109-7886Map ( 720 ) 733-2260 Nevada County and City codes available.!, 692 Amending Title 9 by adding 16.34, sewer facilities and Subdivision improvement agreement for Garden Glen Subdivision of... 8Th Street, within the Minden/Gardnerville Community plan area 520 Creates chapter establishing! ( 1/99 ) ( Not codified ), 745 Adopting the first to! 1085 Amending chapter 20.800.040 for Specialized or Uniform codes, Georgia, is a of. ( 3/97 ), 1140 Adopting the first amendment to the public nuissance law to deal with in. 16 and 17 APN 25-160-43 from A-4 to PF zoning District to the development agreement for Sunridge development. Crimes of theft and property damage 20.658.020 and adding section 20.620.043 the Clerk of consolidated... ( 2/09 ), 127 Outdoor advertising structures ( Repealed by 215 ), 606 Amending section 8.16.020 private... 03/04 ), 184 Amends Ord various violations structures after damage or destruction the. Setback in the northwestern part of the County level rules to create criminal., exemption from the building permit process for nonstructural work up to $ 1,600 chapter.... The completion of improvements 1505 an ordinance similar to those in neighboring communities Basin regulations 3.20,!

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