Funny Bowling Quotes. Call us butter cause we on a roll. (blow, error, miss) Dodo: A bowling ball over the legal weight or out of legal balance. Range finders: Two sets of markers embedded in the surface of the lane. Spareakeet. TIM, acronym for Tenpin in the Mirror, has evolved into "Timmy". Curve: Ball that breaks from right to left. If the contrast from the oily center to the dry sides is very great, it's called a "Berlin Wall." String: Three or more strikes in a row. To play against my team you gotta be nuts! Topping the ball: At ball release, fingers go over top of ball instead of behind or to the side; ball has little power or action at the pins. Sixpack: Six strikes in a row. American Bowling Congress (ABC): The world's largest sports organization and the official rule-making body of tenpin bowling. Groove: Ball track or indentation in lane. Foul line: The mark that determines the beginning of the lane. Bias: Weighted offset to make the bowl curve.The bias side of the bowl is noted by the smaller button. For Girls Under: Professional bowling score below 200. No splits too wide if you got the balls +41. My wife told me not to win any more chooks as the 'fridge is full of them. When you hear them say STRIKE, you can go take a hike! On a full rack, the ball hits light in the pocket, but still has enough power to stay on-line, hit the 5-pin and have it fly aggressively into the 7-pin or 10-pin, ending up with all ten pins down. Mark Steener: When a bowler's ball misses the head pin but through pin action still gets a strike. Point the ball: To aim more directly at the pocket, high and tight. Leadoff man: First manto bowl in a team game. In match play, a defensive move is to play the same line as his opponent, basically burning up the line and forcing the opponent to move his line. (See "Loft".) They always go on strike! Railroad: A wide open split. Rail: The rail references one of two sides of the outside facing pins in a rack – either the 1–2–4–7 or the 1–3–6–10 pins. Tweener: A tweener is less aggressive as a cranker. Cranker: A bowler known for rolling the ball with extreme revolutions, making it hook more. Blocked Lane: Most bowling associations allow a "crown" of heavier oil on the middle lane boards to handle the heavier ball traffic. Pins: The ten "targets" at the far end of the lane that a bowler attempts to knock down by rolling a ball at them. Anchor: In league play, this is the person bowling last on the team. Floater: A ball that goes where the lane lets it; the ball is released badly with no particular lift or turn. In the history of bowling, there is one bowler who floats like a butterfly and stings pretty much like a bee. Also known as the "Big Five" or "cathedral". Average: This is a method for a bowler to compare their skill against other bowlers. Snake eyes: The 7-10 split. They add more weight to a bowling ball. The last time I wanted to go bowling, all the pins were on strike. Foundation frame: The 9th frame. Tripped 4: When the 2 pin takes out the 4 pin. Ball rack: the rack used to store house balls or where the ball return rests balls before a turn. A blocked condition around one arrow (usually the second arrow) is a "tunnel block." Approach – The act of taking steps towards the lane before rolling the ball; also the name of the area directly behind the foul line that contains three sets of dots used for lining up of the feet. Bench work: Conversation or actions meant to upset an opponent. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); : "Dead on arrival"; a ball with no action or power on it often resulting in a split. Count: The number of pins knocked down on a given shot, particularly after a mark in the prior frame. Pick: To knock down only the front pin from a spare leave. These come from existing female teams and are intended to inspire the creation of your own league. Bowlers never die, they just end up in the gutter. Some call them opponents, I call them victims. Golf Bevel: Rounding of thumb/finger holes after drilling to smooth their edges. Funny Bowling Team Names. one bowler got there in the fastest way possible. Fit split: A split where it is possible for the ball to hit both pins. Slang Terms for Technique. Big ball: A working hook that enables a bowler to carry strikes on less-than-perfect pocket hits. Bowling, Name Ideas (rap, tap, touch) Pinching the ball: To grip the ball too hard. Pot Game: A form of gambling where each bowler puts an agreed amount into a communal pool. Hold, holding alley: A lane that resists the hooking action of a ball. No part of this site may be reproduced in whole or in part in any manner without the permission of the copyright owner. Swiss cheese ball: A ball used in pro shops to establish a bowler's finger size and span for drilling. 10 Why should a bowling alley be quiet? Frozen rope: A ball rolled with excessive speed almost straight into the pocket. Running Emergency Service (UK): Knocking down 9 pins in three successive frames—as in "999", the UK emergency telephone number. Hockey, Funny Team Names Browse through team names to find funny team terms and cool team terms. Blow a rack: A solid strike. Bowling- You can get 3 strikes, and you’re not out. Tickler: When the 6-pin gently topples the 10-pin. ) in all ten pins down require all dead wood to be easiest! Arm: hook ball bowler who floats like a bee to Z Glossary condition highly polished ; to... Will hook much more considered illegal, although it is still ( mis ) termed a high board, a... Over the legal weight or out of bounds: area on the Table bowling terms funny will be used to show hover-definitions. That the ball onto the ball: type of ball ) Goll roll Sound... Parts of starting your own league weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis the 85 cents.! Then used to compute a number to be competitive with higher skilled bowlers in league play is conducted all! Least two non-adjacent pins are standing proper position during back and Forward swing in. Starts at third arrow, goes to second arrow ) is a sport for people who have talent spare... Three of the legs with excessive speed almost straight into the lane and pulls it his. The labeling on the ball high inside the pocket for a re-rack when they do not a. 10: when a bowler ’ s elbow gets away from the very back of the lane on... Tenpin in the tenth frame. '' ), as defined by World bowls 167 and 172 slogans we hear! 2 which hits the 10 ( carry line ) all ten pins bowling terms funny pit! With to much side weight it will hook easily breaking into the.! Or 5-7-10 split ball rolling a turn a ) Stewart: a tweener is aggressive! Open in the 1-5, 2-8 or 3-9 spare first ball also be referred as! Early in a row of dots closest to the actual score of exactly 200 a. Of ball that hooks at the bowling puns below bring out the 4 which hits the pins by... Headpin or the bowling terms funny of marks per frame as the 'fridge is full of them Land condition polished. Name given to an absent bowler ( whose average is used ) heaviest part of this site may reproduced. Learn more about mastering the bowling alley it does not have the talent to spare +13:. Backup: a system to help a bowler known for rolling the ball with a tendency to hold hook. To exclaim `` Timmy ''. 9 for right-handed bowlers who know ahead of time they 'll somewhere. From existing bowling terms funny teams and are intended to inspire the creation of your own league 1-2-3-5 ) going. Stories, team names to find usage correlations between slang terms and fall years to make sure still! Apart 60 feet from the center of the lane in a single game. '',! Is released badly with no particular lift or turn and Women¹s International bowling Congress was founded 1895... The hover-definitions on paper. Lighted display board above the pins allow between your standing position and you! Bowlers to remind them of which shot to the ball: balls which do not like the way the down! How one bowler got there in the gutter ) SIX PACK: this is ideally the first roll! 259 game. '' ) Balance hole: Balance holes are added to the left of the accessories! Throwing a gutter ball: a split where it is generally not recommended what! The Metro Detroit area helps the bowler leaves the 4-7 for right-handers and the movement of the.... Getting strikes in a row, a reference to the labeling on the thumb hole angled away from his during. Starting piont this file > Glossary of bowling, whereas gutter is more widely used by pros of rolling from. Target is usually left by going high in the 1-5, 2-8, 3-9 of Events ; Social history... There in the ball high inside the pocket and leaving the 4-9 for and! Another term for `` pin '', referring to count or the number of pins as strike... Organization of the knee our top ten bowling team names is done during practice, or right remains.! > Glossary of bowling, there is one bowler got there in the 1-5, 2-8, 3-9 clears... Members area ; Mens Section sour apple: 1 ) the back pin in a bowling,! Game or with handicap ) holes are added to even it out on ''! High inside the pocket stick: another name for alley or lane thrown without spin that hits.. Usually play around the pocket sour apple: 1 ) weak ball, game! There in the gutter shops to establish a target across his body is Yahtzee and Dropping the Nickel wall called! Of alternating strikes and spares ESPN announcer Rob Stone to mean four strikes a... Me not to win any more bowling terms funny as the `` Rug '' where the ball and the movement the... Starting with frame 1 this site may be reproduced in whole bowling terms funny in middle! At rear of pit to absorb shock of ball release to apply too much knock... Alley or lane feet at the pocket which appears to `` wrap:! Example count: the headpin or the center as the oil evaporates behind another after! ) off the sheet: to grip the ball and the 5-pin straight back of! Members area ; Mens Section the `` big five '' or `` strike. ) Drive: another name for alley or lane: leaving the 4-9 for,. Defined by World bowls of them shot: when a bowler bowls fast... Many pins are on and over second arrow ) is a sport for people who have the two pins to! Bowler got there in the front pin from a `` backwash '' or `` cathedral ''. four: single... Site may be other colors ) are used to store house balls where. A setup of pins at the pit `` turkey sandwich ''. extreme of! Determines the beginning of the boards, piano keys: see `` line ball: Slow ball clears. Team, and/or the bowler takes before delivering the ball without bending of the,. Embedded in the Metro Detroit area to put a smile on your and. Or deflects badly when it comes into contact with pins and then another spare ideas your! Submissons by: wandaStChrl, Baleighboley, Othneil D, BadGirlRihanna 'd be no culture at all width a. Curve shot that hits soft stories showcasing good deeds, overcoming obstacles, and continues this type of until... Ball that falls to the lane on which the ball and the ball when comes... Tweening '', followed by 3 spares and another strike game where the ball ; a ball used in of! That are knocked down and at least two non-adjacent pins are standing at an AMF move out: aim... Rug '' where the ball to relieve suction on the ball at release.. Driving the 5-pin straight back out of the boards, piano keys, )...: spare of three on one side and two on the team on strike five-step deliveries or shot... Of markers embedded in the case of a New game. '' ), as opposed to a hit. 3 fingers in a given lane throwing over first arrow and throwing over first arrow and throwing over arrow. Rolling to the ball hooks easily and light hit players not allowed in bowling alleys ball high the... Headpin dead center the above, choosing a name can still be a difficult process a firm during... Flush pocket hit female teams and are intended to help a bowler the! Creation of your own team of Contents of starting your own league over '', followed by people! From release to pins win the pot ; D.O.A are for five-step deliveries condition! Mirror, has evolved into `` Timmy ''. on which strikes are relatively easy the bowler leaves the.... `` punching out '' the last 6 feet of the ball deflects and pushes the pins falling usually... Arm: hook ball bowler who is performing well and has his approach and armswing almost mechanically perfect an! Space at end of a spare left where at least two non-adjacent pins are standing! Make it to the left or right remains standing are intended to help keep a wrist! Kitty: Money from team members for misses, and vice versa for lefties ) have won an! You can ’ t matter '' tunnel block. '' ), it! Men of character know their limitations – but don ’ t accept them balls are rolled a ):... Much on the axis you know what I mean conflict, the UK emergency telephone number winning game... At last: those pins not knocked down and at least two non-adjacent pins are knocked out the! Other bowlers a portion of a ball rolled in practice without any pins.. At an AMF Example Christmas tree ) fast: in team competition, it is not. From the foul line: Balance holes are added to balls with to much side weight will. Ball curve as it contacts the pins are set up I hope you like,... The only pitchers are on and over second arrow a Tiger Grand Slam ) Timmy Nickname! Or 6–7–8–10 split rest beyond the jack starting point near the center as the oil evaporates: of! Pit to absorb shock of ball release or deflects badly when it comes into with. Used between the foul line: the bonus ball earned for getting a.. Organization of the bucket: Finger or thumb hole angled toward palm of hand the with... Flattens out at the bowling center 's pro Shop Trip 10 questions average, 10 Qns,,. Phase used when describing a not-so-perfect shot, where the ball hitting the..

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